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This guide's purpose is to help you find the areas you need for the exploration achievements. For the sake of time, this page is getting minimal formatting. Please check back in the next couple days for a cleaner list.

Catari Command Center 6133,5128 All Things Defiant
College of Planar Studies 5958,5262 All Things Defiant
Epoch Plaza 6120,5213 All Things Defiant
Orphiel's Observatory 5984,5128 All Things Defiant
Orphiel's Spire 6009,5150 All Things Defiant
The Foyer 6038,5165 All Things Defiant
The Manufactory 6047,5268 All Things Defiant
The Training Yard 6160,5237 All Things Defiant

Defiant's Approach 6235,5281 Roamer of the March
Denegar's Stand 7248,5427 Roamer of the March
Eliam Fields 6464,4866 Roamer of the March
Fortune's End 7095,4883 Roamer of the March
Kelari Refuge 6617,4558 Roamer of the March
King's Retreat 6274,4527 Roamer of the March
Lakeside Outpost 6201,5636 Roamer of the March
Old Meadow Farm 6385,5551 Roamer of the March
Regent's Cove 6328,4334 Roamer of the March
Savage Hill 6937,5851 Roamer of the March
Scarred Mire 6639,5407 Roamer of the March
Seastone Bluff 6753,4682 Roamer of the March
Smith's Haven 7188,5265 Roamer of the March
The Iron Fortress 6962,5415 Roamer of the March
The Rill Pond 6727,5155 Roamer of the March
Todrine Estate 6625,5008 Roamer of the March
Trawling Post 6588,5718 Roamer of the March
Vestige 5932,5764 Roamer of the March
Warden's Rise 6787,5625 Roamer of the March

Argent Glade 6043,3050 Silverwoodsman
Divine Landing 6233,3880 Silverwoodsman
Fletcher's Beach 7067,2761 Silverwoodsman
Hedgerow Court 6566,2635 Silverwoodsman
Mirror of Ages 5629,2945 Silverwoodsman
Overwatch Keep 6357,3124 Silverwoodsman
Palisade 6200,2600 Silverwoodsman
Point Solitude 7161,2965 Silverwoodsman
Quicksilver College 5934,3040 Silverwoodsman
Sanctum Watch 7182,3031 Silverwoodsman
Sanguine Shores 6372,3803 Silverwoodsman
Silver Coast 7107,3257 Silverwoodsman
Silver Landing 6961,3279 Silverwoodsman
Snarebrush Grot 5983,2638 Silverwoodsman
Sterling Hills 6079,3515 Silverwoodsman
Sunken Marsh 6565,3425 Silverwoodsman
Treants' Grove 6560,2900 Silverwoodsman
Untamed Copse 6065,2779 Silverwoodsman
Wayward Thicket 6900,3050 Silverwoodsman

Darkening Deeps 5042,2350 Keeper of the Ways
Deepwood Cottage 4210,2899 Keeper of the Ways
Gloamwood Pines 5350,2980 Keeper of the Ways
Greybriar Hollow 4775,2833 Keeper of the Ways
Grove of the Ancients 5277,2488 Keeper of the Ways
Loggerman's Lift 4318,2320 Keeper of the Ways
Mathosian Mill 4344,2589 Keeper of the Ways
Millrush Pond 4331,2771 Keeper of the Ways
Shadefalled Towers 4530,2576 Keeper of the Ways
Shadefallen Keep 4602,2406 Keeper of the Ways
Silkweb Pass 5490,3303 Keeper of the Ways
Solemn Outlook 5455,2844 Keeper of the Ways
Standing Stones 4970,2712 Keeper of the Ways
Tearfall Creek 4759,2725 Keeper of the Ways
Tearfall Run 4600,2747 Keeper of the Ways

Coterie Camp 5686,5087 No Stone Unturned
Deepstrike Escavation 4792,5229 No Stone Unturned
Dreadbone Shelf 5191,5308 No Stone Unturned
Far Mine Loop 5878,4561 No Stone Unturned
Granite Falls 4913,5005 No Stone Unturned
Passage of the Ancients 4107,5311 No Stone Unturned
Quarrystone Basin 5697,4728 No Stone Unturned
Quarrystone Road 5771,4929 No Stone Unturned
Stonefield Prairie 5335,5036 No Stone Unturned
Temblor Hills 5499,4872 No Stone Unturned
The Harrow 5091,4753 No Stone Unturned
The Last Valley 3991,5608 No Stone Unturned
Titan's Rest 5462,4997 No Stone Unturned
Titan's Well 4475,5265 No Stone Unturned
Towering Steppes 4458,5107 No Stone Unturned

Crimson Wash 3857,3042 Scarlet Fever
Darkfire Grove 4796,3464 Scarlet Fever
Demon Steps 4042,3415 Scarlet Fever
Frayworn Rock 4284,4297 Scarlet Fever
Granitedust Gulch 4271,3297 Scarlet Fever
Ironroot Draw 4693,4189 Scarlet Fever
Old Mule Run 4544,4871 Scarlet Fever
Overwatch 4000,3032 Scarlet Fever
Riverfell 3841,2905 Scarlet Fever
Rock Ridge 4461,3539 Scarlet Fever
Rocklift 4327,3927 Scarlet Fever
Salt Rime Cavern 4335,4943 Scarlet Fever
Scarwood Lift Base 4582,4395 Scarlet Fever
Stonecrest 3980,3276 Scarlet Fever
Sunrest Canyon 4438,4779 Scarlet Fever
Thunderwork Ridge 4636,3888 Scarlet Fever

Auld Warden 2959,3961 Scouring Scarwood
Blighted Pit 3063,3306 Scouring Scarwood
Granitewood Crossing 3956,4580 Scouring Scarwood
Granitewood Haunt 3366,4085 Scouring Scarwood
Iron Fall 3766,4242 Scouring Scarwood
Kain's Command 3158,3870 Scouring Scarwood
Keenblade Mill 3792,3924 Scouring Scarwood
Lord's Hall 2841,4357 Scouring Scarwood
Lotham's Strike 3813,4544 Scouring Scarwood
Perspice 3692,4393 Scouring Scarwood
Scarwood Lift Summit 4163,4113 Scouring Scarwood
Shatterbone Canyon 3194,3597 Scouring Scarwood
Shatterbone Hold 3225,3282 Scouring Scarwood
Stone Grove 3574,3697 Scouring Scarwood
The Sagespire 2611,3573 Scouring Scarwood
Timar Foothills 2770,3706 Scouring Scarwood
Trollblight Caverns 3318,4459 Scouring Scarwood

Acrid Basin 6013,1829 Highlands Explorer
Bahralt's Ascent 6841,1299 Highlands Explorer
Blightweald 5612,1973 Highlands Explorer
Boundary Ruins 6044,2169 Highlands Explorer
Etched Plains 5945,1431 Highlands Explorer
Faemist Point 7364,2525 Highlands Explorer
Faering Woods 6293,2015 Highlands Explorer
Grey Gardens 6217,1509 Highlands Explorer
Hammerknell Fortress 6448,1171 Highlands Explorer
Howling Hills 6961,1687 Highlands Explorer
Kelpmere 6497,1690 Highlands Explorer
Kirna's Arbor 7003,1991 Highlands Explorer
Lowlands Gulley 5680,2112 Highlands Explorer
Molinar Crossing 6670,1496 Highlands Explorer
Moonshade Pools 7354,1747 Highlands Explorer
Rockstrewn Acres 6662,1973 Highlands Explorer
Stonekey Court 6123,1396 Highlands Explorer
Sundered Path 6704,2122 Highlands Explorer
Three Springs 7289,2077 Highlands Explorer
Timberveil 5475,2172 Highlands Explorer
Twilit Stand 7000,2332 Highlands Explorer

Brigand's Bluff 8653,6468 Searching for Water
Broodwatch Post 7692,6633 Searching for Water
Carrion Heights 8422,6699 Searching for Water
Centaurs' Stand 8012,6347 Searching for Water
Cliffside Hook 7340,6314 Searching for Water
Fallback 8619,6990 Searching for Water
Harlan's Lament 8040,6840 Searching for Water
Hunters' Camp 8529,6635 Searching for Water
Jagged Fringe 7416,6459 Searching for Water
Lantern Hook 7638,6337 Searching for Water
Lantern Plateau 7392,6192 Searching for Water
Mongrel Foothills 7883,6045 Searching for Water
Mordant Knolls 8260,7228 Searching for Water
Mordant Warren 8209,7315 Searching for Water
Redoubt 8905,6845 Searching for Water
Riverbank Cutoff 7188,5968 Searching for Water
Spitescar Bank 8255,6566 Searching for Water
Spitescar Wash 8248,7031 Searching for Water
Splitmouth Ponds 8369,7362 Searching for Water
Stalwart Rise 7511,5911 Searching for Water
Stormbrood Lair 7733,6866 Searching for Water
Tower's Shadow 8660,6671 Searching for Water
Trapper's Rest 7038,6347 Searching for Water

Broken Road 6934,6801 Desert Nomad
Crescent Ridge 6405,7016 Desert Nomad
Cutthroat Cove 6607,6727 Desert Nomad
Deadman Gorge 6762,6630 Desert Nomad
Dustwind Hills 6555,7627 Desert Nomad
Farsight Tower 7000,6500 Desert Nomad
Firesand Desert 5500,7184 Desert Nomad
Fortune's Shore 6603,6971 Desert Nomad
Gildstone Sanctum 7223,7154 Desert Nomad
Gnawbone Valley 7287,7404 Desert Nomad
Golden Summit 7666,7480 Desert Nomad
Hullbreach Shoals 6216,6696 Desert Nomad
Jeweled Heights 7311,6808 Desert Nomad
Khaliti Refuge 7092,7333 Desert Nomad
Leestone Stand 6735,7373 Desert Nomad
Nomad's Furnance 7008,7082 Desert Nomad
Riptalon Gulch 7365,7000 Desert Nomad
Sandaxle Pit 7022,6753 Desert Nomad
Sandstorm Refuge 6000,7770 Desert Nomad
Sandwarden Pass 7481,7411 Desert Nomad
Scaldwater Fields 6296,7290 Desert Nomad
Scoured Ledge 6867,7053 Desert Nomad
Seafarer's Folly 6646,6229 Desert Nomad
Sunblind Ascent 6948,7496 Desert Nomad
Tempest Plains 7019,6932 Desert Nomad
The Flatyard 6672,6334 Desert Nomad
The Oasis 6839,7269 Desert Nomad
Widow's Perch 6370,6786 Desert Nomad
Windfury Post 6526,7425 Desert Nomad

Blood Iron Pools 3141,1787 A Peak Achievement
Cloudborne Caverns 4365,1183 A Peak Achievement
Cloudbourne Tarn 4488,1752 A Peak Achievement
Crystal Depths 4828,1666 A Peak Achievement
Dayblind Hollows 3081,1971 A Peak Achievement
Exile's Den 2967,2384 A Peak Achievement
Frozen Valley 4097,1673 A Peak Achievement
Howling Caves 3714,1588 A Peak Achievement
Icewatch Ridge 3439,2335 A Peak Achievement
Kestrel's Cry Ravine 3223,2153 A Peak Achievement
Mage's Mark 3700,2000 A Peak Achievement
Pilgrim's Crossing 4151,1416 A Peak Achievement
Steampike Pit 4814,1361 A Peak Achievement
Whitefall 3728,1799 A Peak Achievement
Whitefall Passage 4300,2121 A Peak Achievement

Belmont 2492,2816 No More Stillmoor
Blood Grove 1589,3354 No More Stillmoor
Briarcliff 2303,2775 No More Stillmoor
Broken Vale 2297,3015 No More Stillmoor
Burlingham 2241,2224 No More Stillmoor
Caer Kholum 1911,3470 No More Stillmoor
Caer Mathos 995,2695 No More Stillmoor
Crown Hill 1895,3078 No More Stillmoor
Crusader's Advance 2460,2420 No More Stillmoor
Death's Approach 1388,2667 No More Stillmoor
Edgewood 2106,2742 No More Stillmoor
Endless Watch 2598,2710 No More Stillmoor
Eye of Regulos 1850,2627 No More Stillmoor
Hillcrest 2118,2904 No More Stillmoor
Hillsborough 1690,3200 No More Stillmoor
Kingsgate 1370,2470 No More Stillmoor
Phoenix Rise 2559,3014 No More Stillmoor
Ravenna 2070,2293 No More Stillmoor
Thalin Tor 1740,2345 No More Stillmoor
The Endless Citadel 1138,2698 No More Stillmoor
Trial of the Sentinel 2060,2489 No More Stillmoor
Warden's Descent 2260,2500 No More Stillmoor
Wolfsbane 1993,2947 No More Stillmoor
Zareph's Return 1556,2659 No More Stillmoor

Droughtlands Lantern Hook Porticulum 7690,6164 Porticulum
Freemarch Knight's Stand Porticulum 7046,5167 Porticulum
Freemarch Meridian Porticulum 6133,5159 Porticulum
Iron Pine Peak Exile's Den Porticulum 2979,2354 Porticulum
Iron Pine Peak The Chancel of Labors Porticulum 4600,1657 Porticulum
Iron Pine Peak Whitefall Porticulum 3738,1736 Porticulum
Moonshade Highlands Timberveil Porticulum 5451,2234 Porticulum
Scarlet Gorge Scarwood Lift Base Porticulum 4610,4365 Porticulum
Scarwood Reach Perspice Porticulum 3657,4390 Porticulum
Shimmersand Fortune's Shore Porticulum 6714,7079 Porticulum
Shimmersand Wyrmbane Spire Porticulum 6076,7335 Porticulum
Stillmoor Phoenix Rise Porticulum 2635,3052 Porticulum
Stillmoor Zareph's Return Porticulum 1639,2642 Porticulum
Stonefield Granite Falls Porticulum 5034,5054 Porticulum

Droughtlands Fall of Lantern Hook 7654,6280 Dungeon
Freemarch The Iron Tomb 6164,4813 Dungeon
Gloamwood Darkening Deeps 4893,2432 Dungeon
Iron Pine Peak Abyssal Precipice 2878,1774 Dungeon
Moonshade Highlands Runic Descent 6225,1352 Dungeon
Scarlet Gorge The Foul Cascade 3702,2692 Dungeon
Scarwood Reach King's Breach 3310,4307 Dungeon
Shimmersand Charmer's Caldera 7147,7612 Dungeon
Stillmoor Greenscale's Blight 759,2701 Dungeon
Stonefield Deepstrike Mines 4803,5384 Dungeon

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Downloading a copy of a game you do not own is illegal. Any game downloads are intended for backup purposes. SE is so awesome and really doesn't want to send me a C&D letter.