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Below are my random SC2 downloads

NameType of DownloadFile SizeDirect DownloadNotes
Day9 EU Monobattles 20110724Replay (Custom 4v4 Melee)134KBdownloadI got to participate in Day9's monobattles during EU week. Fun stuff.
Svedin (z) v. Krizz (t) on GSLCrossfireSEReplay (Custom Melee)93.4KBdownloadLots of overlords. Only game where I beat Svedin. Too bad it's only because he was fooling around.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Downloading a copy of a game you do not own is illegal. Any game downloads are intended for backup purposes. SE is so awesome and really doesn't want to send me a C&D letter.