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Below are the current patches and downloads for Final Fantasy XI.

READ: I do not recommend downloading files more than 100MB in size without a download accelerator. The one I personally use is Download Accelerator Plus. Downloading using your browser can result in corrupt files. Either use a torrent, when available, or a download accelerator.

CategoryType of FileFile NameFile SizeDownload LinkNotes
Patch RollupRAR20180719.rar2.37GBdownloadRollup for fresh installation.
PatchRAR20180807.rar27MBdownloadAugust 2018 version update.
PatchRAR20181015.rar24.6MBdownloadSeptember / October 2018 Updates
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Downloading a copy of a game you do not own is illegal. Any game downloads are intended for backup purposes. SE is so awesome and really doesn't want to send me a C&D letter.