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This guide will walk you through using my ROMs_20111214.rar, MOV_20111214, and Sounds_20111214.rar downloads to patch your fresh installation of FFXI. All screenshots were taken on 64-bit Windows 7. If you are not running the same OS, your directories may vary slightly.

If you have a problem, feel free to send me an e-mail (krizz@tehkrizz.net). Please be sure to include the step number you are on so I know what you've already done.

1. Download the .RAR file. http://tehkrizz.net/FFXI/downloads.php

2. Unrar the file. If you already have FFXI installed, you can unrar directly to the installation location. Keep in the mind the ROM .rar file has over 37 thousand files in it. It will take a few minutes to finish.

3. Once that is complete, open POL and do a file check. You will need to do it on both PlayOnline and FFXI.
NOTE: You must attempt to sign in once before it will give you the option to file check FFXI.

4. At this point it should update a handful of files (7-10), and then you will be able to login and play.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Downloading a copy of a game you do not own is illegal. Any game downloads are intended for backup purposes. SE is so awesome and really doesn't want to send me a C&D letter.